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Music Lessons

Classes are available at Likas, Putatan, and Oceanus Waterfront Mall.
Visit our outlets to register or call us for more information.
Courses available:

Suzuki Violin

Violin Player

Acoustic/Electric Guitar

Guitar Lessons

Suzuki Piano

Piano Lesson


Image by Aaron Burden

Traditional Piano

Girl Playing Beginner Piano


Image by Zach Vessels

Suzuki Method:

"The Suzuki method is an educational system that aims to teach children how to play music with the same ease that they learn to speak their native language (also known as the mother-tongue approach). Practitioners start early and develop rigorous habits through repeated practice and sequential introduction to classical compositions."

Our Teachers

Jazz Piano.png

Fancy some Jazz?

Learn how to play JAZZ PIANO in 5 Minutes, from International Jazz Pianist, ASIF PISHORI.

Jazz Piano lessons available here!

Call/Whatsapp 014 692 2757 now for more details.


British born International musician Asif Pishori has been the band leader for Son2Nos, the 4 Notes, the APTrio, as well as  being the elder brother and band leader in the Asif & Rene Jazz band.

He claims over 25 years experience in Performance and Education. Born in the heart of England’s vibrant capital city London, and the eldest of three accomplished musicians, he began his formal music education studying multi-keyboards with Suzuki organ Professor Dr Leon Jazz in 1975 at the age of 6 yrs old.

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