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Malaysia’s first virtual online school

On Saturday Sept 12 set another milestone achievement by entering into a strategic alliance with Sabah Publishing House, the publisher of the oldest Chinese and English newspapers in Sabah – the ‘Overseas Chinese Daily News’ and ‘Daily Express’ to promote education, music, arts and vocational programmes for their readers.

This strategic collaboration benefits those who enrol with with free online newspaper subscription. Newspapers have long been used by schools to improve their students’ knowledge particularly in improving their command of English and general knowledge.

Educators have been pushed towards adopting the use of digital platforms and remote applications to conduct online teaching and home-based learning during this Covid-19 pandemic period.

Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin on Teacher’s Day expressed that e-learning would be the future of education in Malaysia, emphasising that more resources must be made available for learning in a digital capacity.

One-on-one instruction between the teacher and student can benefit students with different learning styles as video lessons improve and become more widely available, it will be easier for teachers to incorporate new and innovative learning techniques into their courses without spending too much time on training or creating digital resources materials.

This is because asynchronous learning, the idea that students can learn at different times and places, is an important driver for more technology in learning.

E-learning is the future. For all the troubles it has caused, the pandemic has created a real opportunity for the education sector in Malaysia to recognise the benefits of applying technology to reshape and advance traditional teaching strategies.

It will be critical for the government and education providers to work together to increase the adoption of e-learning post-Covid-19 because technology is essential in safeguarding the education of Malaysia’s future generations.

Photo (left to right) shows Founder of Peter Chua, with Sabah Publishing House Marketing Manager Dexter Yeh, Borneo Music Conservatory Sdn Bhd’s CEO, Dr Janet Lee, and Selina Light, general manager of

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