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Rent to Own

P.Ramlee Piano

Starting as low as RM200/month

Customers will pay a refundable deposit and will pay monthly.

We'll include piano delivery, insurance, and tuning, free of charge. Customers can choose 24 months and up to 60 months contract.

24 months contract:

After 24 months, customers can choose to continue to rent, or return the piano to Music Mart and the deposit will be refunded subject to the condition of the piano.

60 months contract:

After 60 months, customer will get to keep the piano, and the deposit will be refunded.

Used Piano

Refundable deposit: RM2000

Rent: approx RM185/mth

Upright Piano, model PRC123

Refundable deposit: RM3000

Rent: RM290/mth

Upright Grand, model PRC125

Refundable deposit: RM4000

Rent: RM340/mth

Crystal Piano (Red, White, Pink), model PR125C

Refundable deposit: RM5000

Rent: RM640/mth

Rent per day available (for events).

Call us to learn more.

P. Ramlee Classic Piano
Model: PRC125
PR125C Red.png
P. Ramlee Crystal Piano (Red)
Model: PR125C

P.Ramlee Resonator Guitar

Resonator Guitar available for rent-to-own.

Deposit of RM1000 and choice of 24 or 36 months contract.

RM200 x 24 months

RM150 x 36 months

Call us to learn more.

P. Ramlee Classic
Resonator Guitars
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